Datamosh 2

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Datamosh 2 brings 60+ moshing algorithms, 16x more precision, 6 new parameters and a new marker workflow. Remove frames, hijack motion and swap motion from other clips. Use it and brag to your friends.






Do you even mosh?

Datamosh 2 is the latest iteration of After Effects glitching that allows you to break video files in countless fashions.

Remove Frames

We've rebuilt our I-frame deletion functionality to offer you intense precision and stickier moshes. Simply drag a mosh marker to the first frame of a clip, and BLAMO, peace out I frame! Pixels of the previous clip are transposed into the following clip's motion with 16x more precision than the OG Datamosh.

Hijack Motion

We put the pixel power in your hands! Our new modular workflow utilizes layer markers to surgically construct moshes so you can **** up videos YOUR way! Explore our 60+ preset algorithms and 6+ additional parameters to experience a whole new world of moshing control. Slice Dice and fry up the spiciest moshes.

Swap Motion

Steal from the rich and give to the glitch. The Swap effect makes it simple to steal and inject motion from marked areas in your timeline! Footage driven moshes open doors to uncharted aesthetics and endless creativity. You won't find this capability anywhere else on the market ;)

What's new?

Datamosh 2 was rebuilt from the ground up to conquer any itchiness for glitchiness. Find out what we have added!

Marker Workflow

Dial in your moshes by strategically setting markers for where to mosh. Combine multiple mosh markers for a modular experience.

16x More Precision

We've made some hefty upgrades to the tracking precision! Expect to find soupier I-frame deletions and more vivid motion vector manipulations.

Moshing Engines

Datamosh 2 = two new moshing engines! We've rebuilt our backend moshing software to provide you with the utmost control in punishing pixels as you please ;)

6+ Parameters

Feel like you still don't have enough control after 60 presets? Good thing for you is that we have new control inputs for Intensity, Acceleration, Blend and Threshold!

Moshing Algorithms

Unbox over 60 different moshing algorithms that come complete with Datamosh 2. Oh, and we add more with every update ;)


  • Multiply
  • Add to x and y
  • Move vertical
  • Move horizontal


  • Zoom
  • Zoom Sin
  • Shear


  • Swap


  • Random Blocks 1
  • Random Blocks 2
  • Random Blocks 3
  • Random Blocks 4


  • Multiply by X
  • Multiply by X no Y
  • Multiply by Y
  • Multiply by Y no X
  • Multiply by inverse X
  • Multiply by inverse X no Y
  • Multiply by inverse Y
  • Multiply by inverse Y no X
  • Multiply by X&Y
  • Multiply by inverse X&Y
  • Multiply by X & inverse Y
  • Multiply by Y & inverse X


  • Average X and Y
  • Average previous 3
  • Average previous 5
  • Average previous 10
  • Average previous 15
  • Average 1 neighbors
  • Average 2 neighbors
  • Average 3 neighbors
  • Average 4 neighbors
  • Add previous 3
  • Add previous 5
  • Add previous 10


  • Mirror
  • Mirror left
  • Mirror right
  • Mirror top
  • Mirror bottom


  • Sweep horizontal
  • Sweep horizontal opposite
  • Sweep vertical
  • Sweep vertical opposite

Sin and cos

  • Middle sin X
  • Middle sin X no Y
  • Middle sin Y
  • Middle sin Y no X
  • Outside sin X
  • Outside sin X no Y
  • Outside sin Y
  • Outside sin Y no X
  • Outside half sin X
  • Outside half sin X no Y
  • Outside half sin Y
  • Outside half sin Y no X
  • Oscillate sin X
  • Oscillate sin X no Y
  • Oscillate sin Y
  • Oscillate sin Y no X
  • Oscillate sin X&Y
  • Right horizontal sin tapered V1
  • Left horizontal sin tapered V1
  • Horizontal sin tapered V1
  • Right horizontal sin tapered V2
  • Left horizontal sin tapered V2
  • Horizontal sin tapered V2
  • Horizontal sin tapered v3
  • Cos X & sin Y
  • Sin X & cos Y