Gravity, collisions and more in our easy to use physics simulator!

The ultimate tool for handling layouts in AE. Align, distribute, adjust anchor points, create grids and outlines.

Drop on any layer with an alpha channel to easily add fun outline strokes!

Curves is the comprehensive easing tool for After Effects. Say goodbye to subpar animation.

Datamosh 2 brings 60+ moshing algorithms, 16x more precision, 6 new parameters and a new marker workflow. Remove frames, hijack motion and swap motion from other clips. Use it and brag to your friends.

The simple solution for copying and pasting images into and out of After Effects! Interested in saving time throughout your workflow? This is the tool for you.

Dive into the latest and greatest of After Effects liquid animation! Splash creates procedurally generated liquid trail and blobs on layers while providing granular control! Toooo moist

We've broken ground on our next tool! More updates to come ;)