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The ultimate tool for handling layouts in AE. Align, distribute, adjust anchor points, create grids and outlines.






Welcome to Layout

We took the native align panel and gave it super powers. Say goodbye to tedious manual adjustments and hello to the future of layer arrangement.

3 daily driver tools

A Better Align Tool

Align entire layer selections to your composition with ease. No matter the size or shape, Layout will align it and keep your selection intact!
Align selections to the top, bottom, left, right, center, or middle. Works with offset anchor points, parented layers, and more.

Distribute Spacing

Distribute the vertical or horizontal spacing between your layers with a single click. Super easy to create evenly spaced elements in your comp. Align from each layers' bounds or anchor point.

Align Anchor points

We all need an anchor point align tool and Layout has you covered. Easily change layers' anchor points to the layer bounds. Plus the UI is super sexy.

2 powerful layout tools

Grid Panel

Arrange your layers effortlessly with the Grid Panel. Create vertical or horizontal grids in truly one click. Just set how many items per and then dial it in with mattes, fill type, sizing, keyframes, spacing and more.

Collage Panel

Get crafty with the Collage Panel. Transform a collection of images into intricate collages, all inspired by a target layer. Many customization options such as Min/Max size, margin, color, scale, and more.

Ready to Enhance Your Workflow?

Dive into the world of Layout and explore the endless possibilities. Join the revolution of After Effects tools today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Layout?

Layout is a tool designed for Adobe After Effects that aids in streamlining the alignment and distribution of layers within compositions. It provides enhanced flexibility and precision compared to the native alignment tools in After Effects.

What's the difference between Layout and After Effects' built-in align panel?

While After Effects' built-in align panel offers basic alignment and distribution functions, Layout goes beyond by providing more advanced features, precise controls, and additional tools like Grid and Collage. This makes it a more comprehensive solution for professionals looking for refined alignment capabilities.

What is the purpose of the Align Selection tool?

The Align Selection tool in Layout serves to align or distribute selected layers based on a particular reference point or layer. This tool ensures precise positioning and spacing between layers, resulting in a neater and more organized composition.

Can Layout consider the bounds of masks when aligning?

Yes, Layout can consider the bounds of masks during alignment. This means that if a layer has a mask applied to it, the tool will take into account the mask's boundaries, ensuring more accurate alignment in compositions where masks are heavily used.

How does the Grid tool function?

The Grid tool in Layout facilitates the arrangement of selected layers into a neat grid pattern. Users can specify rows, columns, and spacing between layers. This is particularly useful for designers looking to create uniform and organized compositions.

How can I utilize the Collage tool?

The Collage tool is designed to distribute and overlap layers randomly within a defined space. To use it, select the layers you want to collage, determine the boundaries, and let the tool work its magic. This is perfect for creating organic, randomized arrangements in your compositions.

What is the 'maintain layer bounds' toggle in Collage mode?

The 'maintain layer bounds' toggle ensures that when layers are randomized using the Collage tool, they stay within the defined boundaries or workspace. This means layers won't overlap or go outside the specified area, resulting in a controlled yet randomized look.

How can I create looping animations with the Collage tool?

To create looping animations with the Collage tool, start by defining the layers and boundaries. Then, use keyframes at the beginning and end of your timeline to mark the start and end points. Let the Collage tool randomize the positioning of your layers within these keyframes, ensuring that the start and end positions are identical. This will create a seamless loop when the animation is played back.

Can I request new features for Layout?

Absolutely! We value user feedback and are always looking to improve Layout. If you have suggestions or features you'd like to see added, please reach out to our support or feedback channels.