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Drop on any layer with an alpha channel to easily add fun outline strokes!





Outline Generation

Struggling with adding outline strokes to your layers in After Effects? Introducing Outlines, a revolutionary AE plugin that simplifies this task. Add customizable stroke effects to any layer with just one click. Say goodbye to the tricky native processes and say hello to efficiency!

Customizable Strokes

With Outlines, not only can you add strokes to your layers easily, but you also have full control over the number, size, color, and decay of these strokes. Get creative and customize your layers to make your animations truly stand out!


  • One-click outline strokes for any layer

  • Control over the number, size, and decay of strokes

  • Random or custom colors for your outlines

  • Streamline your workflow and avoid complex native processes

  • Revolutionize your animations and let your creativity flow